This was a busy week for the Jones Grove Church Family.  On Sunday, August 27th we celebrated the Installation of our Pastor, Rev. Tremaine D. Royster.  It was a joy watching how excited Rev. Tremaine Royster was along with his family, Enjoli and Little Miss Genesis.  I'm sure Rev. Tremaine's father, Rev. Dr. Mark Royster, Sr. was elated to preach the sermon at his son's Installation Services.  A brief clipping of his sermon is below:

Dr. Brayboy and the Orange Cross Roads Baptist Church Family invited Rev. Tremaine Royster to be the Guest Preacher for their Revival Services which was held August 28 - 29 (Monday - Wednesday).  The fellowship was great and the Lord endowed Rev. Tremaine with some powerful messages, the Spirit was in this place.  Thank you again Orange Cross Roads for helping start our Pastor on his journey in the Hillsborough area.  As Rev. Tremaine challenged us, let us all "Step Into Our Miracle".