Pastor Aide Committee

Meets as needed.

Kitchen Committee

Prepares meals for special events. Meets as needed.


Scholarship Committee

Provides funds or gifts for member graduates.  Meets as needed.

Youth Department

Provides encouragement to help every young person grow personally and spirtually. Meets as needed.


Greeting and catering to the needs of the audience to make our worship experience a pleasant one. Meeting TBD.

Music Ministry

Praising God with the gift of song.


Youth Choir  -  Saturday before the 1st Sunday at                               1:00 pm

Mass Choir -    last  two Thursdays before the 2nd      

                        Sunday at 7:00 pm

Gospel Choir -  last two Thursdays before the 4th    

                         Sunday at 7:00 pm


Dance Ministry

Praising God through the gift of dance. Meets as needed.

Christian Education

Provides educational material or projects to challenge church family to study the word of God. Meets as needed. 


Ministering to the sick/shut-in and those in need. Meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.



Maintains the upkeep of the building and financial aspects of the church.  Meet on designated Saturdays.


Assist Pastor with spiritual growth of church. Meet every Tuesday before the 2nd Sunday at 7:00 pm..